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Akanista Mindfulness in partnership with Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre, Imperial College London
Suitable for all levels
Fee structure
£95 for general admission (early bird discount)
£125 for general admission
Half-price (£63) for Staff at Imperial College London, Royal College of Arts & Royal College of Music), please book and email us separately to confirm your current ID card
Full bursary available for Students at Imperial College London, Royal College of Arts & Royal College of Music), please book and email us separately to confirm your current ID card
Whether you are a busy professional, creative individual, student and a parent, this one day is just right for you. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety levels by 58% and stress by 40% (Krusche et al, 2013, Oxford University). It also makes you 10% happier and more.
Mindfulness means “paying attention to one’s body, feelings  and thoughts non-judgmentally and with interest and care.” It is a simple, drug free and self empowering way for you to improve your health, resolve relationship conflicts and enable yourself to discard limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Even though Mindfulness comes from the major wisdom traditions particularly Buddhism, it is universal and non-religious in nature. It is scientific and research-based.
Why retreat
We all know how busy our lives have become. Somehow we have become ‘human doing’ rather than ‘human being’. We rush through activities like a car travelling 100 miles per hour without a break. It is going to break down sooner or later. What it needs is to slow down, take a rest and then speed up again.
On this retreat, you will have a chance to pause, rest and be still.
Even though Mindfulness comes from the major wisdom traditions of the world particularly Buddhism, it is universal and non-religious in nature. Therefore, you will be in safe hands and have supportive environment throughout the retreat.
What you will gain
Space for yourself to refresh and still your mind
A better understanding of theory and practice of Mindfulness
Mindfulness tools to use on yourself
Tools to use on your friends and family
Feeling calm, creative and productive when you leave
How Mindfulness can help you
Foster a feeling of protection and care for individuals
Prevention, intervention and protection from stress and depression
Stimulate creative initiatives
Enhance human potentials
Better project success rates
Change negative thought habits and increase concentration levels
Discover the wonder that exists within
Relax your busy mind
Discover fresh motivation
Learn to acknowledge difficult emotions
Watch relationships unfold effortlessly
Deepen your meditation practice
Karuna Priya, a former Buddhist monk with 15 years experience in the practice of meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, holds a MA from SOAS, University of London. Karuna is also a Chaplain and Buddhist Faith-Advisor at Imperial College London.
Nitima Priya, an integrative counsellor, graduated from the Contemporary School of Therapeutic Studies in London, has been meditating for the last 10 years in the foothills of Himalayas and in the UK under various Buddhist teachers.
Mindfulness (theory & practice)
Science of mindfulness
Guided sitting meditation
Mindful lunch
Walking meditation
Loving-kindness meditation
Silent meditation (with breaks)
Yogic exercises
Group discussions and sharing (sharing is optional)
1-2-1 personalised support if needed
Why consider attending
You will learn new skills of being more present to yourself, with your family, work and friends. You will learn to make time for yourself right here without needing to find added time. We’ll teach you how to use everyday tasks life like eating, walking and breathing as your perfect oppotunity for learning, growing and healing.
You may say "I haven’t got the time for that." Well, ask yourself: "Do I want to go around feeling unfulfilled in my daily tasks or do I want to be more creative, enthusistic and productive?" Whatever your background may be, this one- retreat can nourish your body and mind. Treat yourself by taking sometime off. It can immensely help you find yourself and your space.
Things to bring
An open mind
Comfortable and warm clothes
Notebook & pen (Optional)
Blanket (Optional)
Water bottle
Lunch - bring something to eat and share
Suzy Greaves, Editor of Psychologies Magazine. “I have been meditating every day since we met Karuna!”
CEO Maia Luxury. “I felt fantastic. So much more grounded and this was a massive lesson in dealing with stressful situations. Karuna has something really special about him.”
Catherine Lambert, Jones Lang LaSalle. “I would highly recommend Karuna and Nitima to people who work with people and in large organizations, dealing with diverse group who are all looking at life from different perspective.”
Nikki Chivers, Choices 4 All. “You provided me with an amazing experience of well-being. The provision of tools enable me to develop a coping strategy. This has been so empowering.”
Natalie Nolte, Sothebys.“Karuna's teachings were profound and his meditation training was a life changer for me.”
Bhargav Dave, MEC Global. “Akanista mindfulness classes have shown me a simple yet highly effective way of becoming calmer and focused in my day to day life. The recordings that are provided at the end of each class are helping me practise the techniques on a daily basis. All in all, very useful class and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to bring more calmness in their lives”

10 Princes Gardens, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1NA, UK

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