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...A one-day Broadband Consciousness course to learn how you can choose better thoughts and feelings every day, or in whatever area of your life, irrespective of the situation or challenge. 
Book by 31 Jan 2017 and pay a *discounted '£149 January sale' (from £249). Course dates and locations below.*Discount applies to any of the course dates published below.
Do you ever experience negative thoughts, feelings or behaviours and want to learn how to choose better ones instead, regardless of the situation or challenge? 
Are you looking to make changes in areas of your life but not sure whether to, or what or how? 
Do you feel like something's missing in your life or stopping you from feeling more contented or fulfilled?
We spent many years of our lives searching for the answers and solutions to the above and we found them through Broadband Consciousness (BC), a simple, long-lasting and transferable system that really does work. We can help you find the same through our practical, enjoyable and personal (max 5 people) one-day course.
See below for further information including next dates and locations and click on the 'Get tickets' button to book your place. Or contact us if you'd like to pay in installments or would like to chat with one of us - in confidence.
Rachel, Lisa and Susanne BC coaches 
The course will help you to:
Find what you are looking for in your life
Learn how you to choose better thoughts, feelings & behaviours 
Discover the real you 
Live your life how you'd choose to
Stop the civil war in your head
Have more clarity about your life, job, relationships etc
Enjoy living in the present
Stop worrying what other people think
Manage challenging situations and people
Take life less seriously and have more fun
Have a better relationship with yourself and others
See things from a better perspective
Discover your purpose in life
Stop trying to please other people
Discover what’s holding you back
Cope with the daily challenges of life
Feel more inspired and motivated
Learn that you’re good enough
Measure your life differently
Learn how to worry less
Communicate more effectively 
Change bad habits
Stop seeking approval from others
Overcome your fears
Stop trying to fit in
Measure your life differently
Take more action and think less
The course will help you to manage:
Negative thoughts
Low self-esteem
Low self-confidence
Panic attacks
Pressure to please
Feeling overwhelmed
Pressure to achieve
Course Dates and locations
Limited to maximum 5 places per course. Teas, coffees and lunch provided.
Sat. 14 Jan, 10-5pm, Milton Keynes (near train station). With Rachel and Lisa.
Sat. 4 Feb, 10-5pm, Kings Cross London. With Rachel and Susanne. 
Sat. 25 Feb, 10-5pm, Milton Keynes (near train station). With Rachel and Lisa.
Sat. 25 Mar, 10-5pm, Kings Cross London. With Rachel and Susanne. 
Sat. 8 April, 10-5pm, Milton Keynes (near train station). With Rachel and Lisa.
Sat. 6 May, 10-5pm, Kings Cross London. With Rachel and Susanne. 
Sat. 20 May, 10-5pm, Milton Keynes (near train station). With Rachel and Lisa.
Click on the 'Get tickets' button to book your place, or contact us if you'd prefer to pay in installments, or would like to chat with one of us. 
How Broadband Consciousness helped Rachel, Lisa and Susanne
Rachel WallisI spent over 25 years searching for contentment and fulfillment in my life. Not that life was bad and I hadn’t got anything to complain about, I just felt something was missing and always felt I was searching for what my real purpose in life was. I looked for 'contentment' in relationships, work, holidays and material things and although I enjoyed all of those at the time, the constant underlying feelings of discontentment, unfulfilment and lack of achievement or purpose, never went away long-term. BC helped me finally stop searching and find true contentment and fulfillment in my life, without relying on 'external stuff'. Now a personal coach for over 5 years, I use the BC techniques in my one-to-one coaching sessions and one-day courses to help people learn HOW to control, change and choose their thoughts and feelings in order to live a more contented and fulfilling life every day, regardless of the challenges life can bring.Rachel
Lisa DaviesI always had what looked like, on the outside ‘a great life’. Inside, it was a different matter. I would struggle with feelings of sadness and suppression. I was looking for contentment. Something was missing. Was it the job, relationships, location perhaps? I then felt guilty when people told me to stop worrying – I had nothing to worry about – why wasn’t I able to be happy and content? BC gave me the answers. I am now a BC coach who offers one-to-one sessions and runs one-day courses to help individuals to find the real answers to their concerns. I practice this method because it is simple and effective. I know there are lots of people out there who have daily battles, and that is why I am so passionate about getting to those people to help them.Lisa
Susanne KubikFor the majority of my life, I felt I was a non-achiever, small and insignificant. The feeling of not "fitting" in and not having anything to "show" for myself was often compensated with shopping. My belief in being invisible resulted in doing most things alone and feeling insecure when interacting with others. Sometimes I would be short tempered and snappy with people. Clearly unhappy and unfulfilled I was searching for something to fill a void in my life. Broadband Consciousness has taken me on a journey to contentment and being totally at ease with who I am. I run one-day courses and one-to-one coaching to help other people find the same journey of contentment.Susanne
About Broadband Consciousness 
Broadband Consciousness is practical, enjoyable and real. There’s no fluff: you wake up, you choose, you enjoy your day. You'll be blown away at how simple it is – and you can put it into practice the minute you leave the course, without having to digest loads of theory. 
If your heart says give it a go, don’t let your head talk you out of it. We’re keeping the course to five people maximum so that we focus on you. We WILL help you find what you are looking for! 
Rachel, Lisa and Susanne 
PS: If you'd like to chat with either of us about this course, one-to-one coaching sessions, or if you'd like to be kept informed of further course dates and venues across the UK, we'd love to hear from you:
Rachel:T: 07812 525
Lisa:T: 07917 043
Susanne:T: 07841 111

London House, High St, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1SY, UK

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