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AimThis one day training course for professionals and volunteers who work with people in Brent will give participants a basic understanding of sexual health with an emphasis on 'healthy relationships' and talking with young people about sexual health.  Participants will learn about relationships, body image, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, legislation and guidance including 'Fraser Competancy' and consent, traditional/customary practices affecting sexual health, the role of the internet and social media in young peoples sexual health including pornography and referral pathways for local/national support services. 
By the end of this training, participants will be able to…
Define what is meant by the phrases 'Sexually Active' and 'Sexual Health' and have a greater understanding of the language of sex and relationships.
Have greater confidence when talking with others about relationships and sexual health
Know why an understanding of relationships and sexual health is essential when working with young people.
Recognise and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of contraception
Understand the implications of different sexually transmitted infections
Have a basic understanding of legislation and guidance relating to sexual health, including references to 'The Sexual Offences Act (2003)', ‘The London Child Protection Procedures’, ‘Fraser Competence’ and ‘Consent’.
Understand how the internet and social media impacts on young people and their sexual development.
Respond appropriately to safeguarding situations that many link to sex, including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Child Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM), Domestic Abuse (DA or DV)
Refer others to specialist services for accessing information, support and clinical care/treatment
Remember that sex is supposed to be a positive, healthy human experiance and not just focus on the negative or fear factor when it comes to communicating about healthy relationships with young people
Terms and Conditions of Attending this Training
Who can attend this training?
This course is suitable for anyone who works (paid or voluntarily) with people in the London Borough of Brent,  it is especialy recomended for those working in health, education, criminal justice, community and faith settings.
It is your responsibility to inform your line manager of your intention to attend this training course and if nessesary get their permision to attend, this reduces the number of late cancelations which can affect the access others have to the training or even cause the cancelation of the whole course.
Can I attend if I dont work or volunteer with people in Brent?
If you live or work in Brent and are interested in this topic but are not currently working or volunteering with others, it may still be possible to attend. Please contact Sandy Youngson via to check out whether this course is suited to your requirements (please put 'Enquiry re:- Basic Drugs Awareness Training' and date of the course you are interested in the subject box)
If you have no connection to Brent, we're afraid you cannot attend this training, however we suggest you do an internet search for training run in your local area by your Council, Community / Voluntary Sector (CVS) or Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)
Is this training free?
Yes - There is currently no charge for participants who meet the attendance criteria as this course is offered as part of Brent Council's work to improve the health of the people of Brent.
Please note however, that we reserve the right to charge participants a £50 non-attendance fee if they fail to attend an event, arrive after the session has 'closed to late arrivals' or cancel their place less than 5 days before the event (obviously emergency situatiuons will be taken into account). In these circumstances we may (in addition/or as an alternative) choose to turn down or cancel applications for this and/or other courses from individuals or organisations who repeatedly fail to attend, are repeatedly late or repeatedly fail to mange their own booking appropriately.
What time do I need to arrive?
It is essential that you are in the training room at the allotted start time, Therefore please leave enough time to arrive at the Civic Centre, sign in at the front 'Welcome desk' and get to the first floor training suite well before the session is due to start (this may take around 20 minutes when it is busy). The trainer will usualy be preparing the training room for at least 30min prior to the start so should be around to welcome you if you arrive early.
What happens if I am late?
Please try not to be!
Do make allowances for transport issues, heavy traffic, parking, finding your way, getting a coffee, etc. The trainer will keep an eye on published transport disruptions and try and make allowances for those affected but reserves the right to refuse entry if it would disrupt the group or too much content has been missed already.
Different courses will have different cut off points for late entry, as a general rule if you are more that 15 minutes late you will not be allowed into the training, however some courses may be 'closed to latecomers' at the exact start time.
If you are running late and need to let the trainier know, please be aware that it may not be possible to speak to them on the day of the course, but if you leave a brief written message (including your name) via email at or text Sandy Youngson on 07876 001 706 so even if the trainier can't respond it is possible they will know you that you are delayed and on your way.
Can I leave the training early?
No - participants should intend to attend the whole session, If you know you have to leave before the end please find an alternative  session that better suits your availability. Ocasionaly an emergency may occur and you have to leave the session early, please inform the trainer as soon as you know there is a problem with your attending the entire session and together it will hopefuly be possible to work out a solution.
If you have any special access requirements please make the session organiser know by emailing (please put 'Access re:- Basic Drugs Awareness Training' and date of the course you arebooked on in the subject box)
PDF (electronic) hand-outs from the training will be available after the event and distrubuted by e-mail as soon as possible after the training has ended. If PowerPoint is used, the slides will contain references and hyperlinks to core guidance documents, sources of further information and referal routes to local and national support organisations.
They will be speific for the course date and remain the copyright of Brent Council, Public Health Team. If you use them to guide your feedback of  learning to others in your team or for future reference, it is your responsibilty to ensure all data, legislation and guidance is still correct.
If your learning style is to take notes, then please remember to bring a notepad and pen.
Participants will be asked to complete 2 short electronic evaluations of their learning, the first shortly after the session and a second a few weeks later to  assess if the training has had an impact on their work practice. Both will be sent by e-mail and completed via the on-line survey tool 'Survey Monkey'
An electronic certificate of attendance (PDF) will be sent via e-mail as soon as possible after the training, it will incorporate the course title, date, time, participants name as well as the aim and learning outcomes.
It will not be possible to re-issue lost certificates.
Course Cancelation
It is very unusual for us to cancel a course, but if we need to do so, we will give you as much notice as possible and offer alternative dates as soon as possible. Situations where this may occur include, less than 50% bookings 5 days prior to the course date, illlness, other unforseable circumstances, etc
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
If you need to contact the organiser of this session or any other Public Health Training / Events in Brent, please use the email address  We will respond to messages sent to this address as soon as possible, but please be aware that we may not be able to respond whilst delivering training.
How do I get to Brent Civic Centre?
The address is Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley, London. HA9 0FJ.
We are situated directly adjascent to Wembley Stadium and the SSE Wembley Arena. Details about Brent Civic Centre, including, Getting there;  access; Wifi; etc, can be found at
Public transport and walking are the best way to get to the venue
Tube/Train:-  Wembley Park Station (Metropolitan and Jubilee lines) - approximately 9 minute walk Wembley Central Station (Bakerloo and Overground lines) - approximately 20 minute walk Wembley Stadium (mainline) - approximately 9 minute walk
Bus:- 92 (Stops E or F - Brent Civic Centre) - approximately 1 minute walk 83, 182 and 223 (Stop G - Wembley Arena or Stop C - Lakeside Way) - approximately 5 minute walk 206 (Stops K or L - Fulton Road) - approximately 5 minute walk
Cycle:- Bicycle racks are provided adjascent to the builkding in the Paul Dasly garden area, you will need to provide your own lock(s) and carry with you to the training any panier/helmet/lights, etc.
Motorcycles and Scooters:- These can be parked free of charge in the basement car park, accessed via a ramp adjascent to the building.
Car:- Brent Civic Centre is well served by both Tube, Mainline Train and Bus services, but if you do need to drive to the venue, please be aware that the basement car park (accessed via a ramp adjascent to the building) has a very restricted amount of space and places cannot be reserved. There are  free designated places for those that hold a parking 'Blue Badge' other vehicles are required to pay on a cash only (Coins and notes) pay and display basis, details about the Civic Centre Car Park (including current costs) can be found at 
As a guide the charges are aproximately:- Monday - Sunday (non-event days) Up to one hour - £1.50 Up to two hours - £4.00 Up to 3 hours - £7.50 Whole day - £15.00
Monday - Sunday (event days) Up to one hour - £1.50 Up to two hours - £4.00 Up to 3 hours - £7.50 Whole day - £30.00On-street parking in the area is very restricted and can be both time-limited and expensive.
Please be aware that on Wembley Stadium 'Event Days' there are additional parking restrictions and a significant increase in cost at most off-street parking venues near the stadium. To view the Wembley Stadium event page, go to
Please be aware that local off-street car parks also often increase their charges or restrict the length of time you can park during major events/concerts at the Wembley SSE Arena. To view the Wembley SSE Arena event page, go to 
Will there be refreshments/Lunch provided?
No - Participants are responsible for providing all their own food and refreshments however a water fountain is available for the re-filling of cups and bottles.
Hot and cold drinks, meals and sandwiches are all available in the 'Melting Pot' Cafe adjacent to the training rooms on the first floor of the Civic Centre. Other sources of refreshments include a Sainsbury's Local on the ground floor of the building adjacent to the Wembley Library and a range of other venues nearby in the London Designer Outlet.
Drinks can be brought into the training room, but please refrain from bringing hot food into the room or eating during the session. If you need to eat at a set time because of a medical condition, please inform the trainer as soon as possible.
Do I have to bring my ticket to the event?
It will be helpful if you bring your printed or electronic ticket for the event as this will help us manage the bookings and verify that your certificate will be correct, but if you forget to bring it, dont worry as we will have names of participants on a signing in sheet as well.
Information about Wembley Stadium and SSE Arena Event Days
We try and avoid arranging training on days that clash with events at Wembley Stadium (because of the very large numbers of people using local transport, local parking restrictions and crowds around the Civic Centre, etc), however sometimes the stadium release dates after our event has been arranged and a clash is unavoidable.To view the Wembley Stadium event page, go to
Events at the Wembley SSE Arena attract smaller crowds than the Stadium and although some local off-street carparks charge extra during Arena events, these days are not designated official 'Wembley Event Days' and generaly have no additional on-street parking restriction. In our experience Arena events have less of an impact on our training sessions and therefore it is likely that our training will clash with Arena events with little or no impact on participants. To view the Wembley SSE Arena event page, go to 
Can I update my registration information?
Yes - If your contact details change or if you want to amend your booking, please log into to Eventbrite, and make any nessesary amendments. If you cancel your booking with less than 5 days notice, we reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee of £50 (Obviously sometimes an emergency can change your ability to attend the session so please let us know the reason for your cancelation)
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