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A retreat for deep nurturing, empowerment and Love.
This time with 3 facilitators, all sharing their unique gifts, we will hold a space for your transformation to unfold.
If I ask you to name all the things you love the most in your life, how long will it take you to name yourself?
How much do you Love yourself?
How willing are you to receive Love?
How connected do you feel with the people in your life? 
How confident do you feel in what you do?
How much do you trust your decisions?
How good are you in your relationships... with yourself and your partner? 
Do you want to feel vibrant, alive, open and Loving?
Do you want a truly deep connection to your partner and people in your life?
If these questions ring a bell to you, this retreat is for you. No matter what story the ringing bells bring. Just follow the calling itself.
This is a self-love and empowerment retreat where you get to clean your mind, body and soul from the weight of limitations and negativity, replacing your daily habits with active and passive meditations, healthy vegan food, and a deep connection with a group. You will learn the Tantra that we learned and can apply the practice at home.
After the retreat, if you allow it, you will feel light - light-minded, light-bodied, connected and inspired to live and create! You will discover ways of being that nurture your soul and support you in staying present, vibrant and Alive. 
We will start on Friday with yoga, contact improvisation, and agreements to create a safe space and start the retreat with connection and clear direct communication (Radical Honesty & Authentic Relating) and finish the night by learning the emotional release tools which will support us throughout the retreat and hopefully throughout the whole life.
We will start on Saturday morning with an active meditation which will prepare our bodies for energetic cleansing. We'll proceed through the day with dancing, group meditations, coaching, inner work, conscious relating (practice boundaries/desires/honest and direct communication), facing and letting go of fears with support of the group, letting go of limiting beliefs and habits that don't serve us. We'll work on physical and emotional bodies, how they interact and how we can take charge of them with no effort.
Saturday night - Shiva/Shakti nature. What makes you feminine? What makes you masculine? How do you empower yourself? Group circle, coaching, supporting, celebrating. 
Sunday morning we'll start with a soft inner evolutionary meditation, following sharing circle and individual coaching. We'll proceed with Tantric breathing, understanding and practicing Microcosmic orbit and conscious touch. The evening will end Tantric Massage DEMO and practice in couples or small groups as prefered a Tantric Massage. All consensual only. 
Ananda Amit Goldenberg - "the most loving man I know" - Jura Glo
Intuitive Work, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Tantra, Meditative Dance, Contact Improvisation, Conscious Relationships and Sacred Sexuality, Non-Violent Communication, Acupressure Points, Conscious Listening and Healing.
Michael Kreuzwieser - Somatic Guru
Conscious Sensuality, Tantra and Tantric Massage, Grimberg Method, Body Awareness, Somatic Healing.
Jura Glo - Wizard of Human Behaviour 
Radical Honesty, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Kabbalah, Tantra, Conscious Living, Relationship & Sxuality, Psychosomatic Healing, Shamanism.
PRICE including vegan love food & accommodation for the whole retreat
Sliding Scale from 280 EUR to 420 EUR
We offer scholarships for people who can't afford the minimum price. Please apply for it via email
With 150 EUR + fee you get a Free Pass to our evening taster workshops (total value of 300 EUR) until the beginning of the retreat. The list of taster workshops you can find here:
Number of participants is limited to 20. Please RESERVE your SPOT by purchasing the ticket online. 
What is a sliding scale? 
It's a variable price for the retreat which you can pay according to your financial situation. The lowest amount you can invest in this retreat is 260 EUR and everything in between 380 EUR. This covers the costs of the amazing vegan love food and our kitchen fairy work, accommodation in the venue, organization of the retreat and support facilitators to share and grow.
If you get more value than you think you paid for, you can add to your payment after the retreat.  In such a way you will support the scholarship people and the upcoming transformational retreats. 
Questions, concerns, suggestions please send to to Jura and Michael.
This retreat is consensual and you will be encouraged to express your boundaries and desires, i.e. you don't have to do anything that you don't want. According to the group dynamics and the feeling of connection and safety, this retreat will include nudity of the facilitators on the last day in the Tantric Massage DEMO. 
Understanding of intimacy varies from person to person. As far as we know, for some contact improvisation can be unbearably intimate as for others it is as intimate as eating icecream. Emphasis of this retreat is your empowerment and full nurturing. You design your retreat. You will have as much intimacy and connection as you dare to ask for it and allow yourself to receive it. 
No. You will be encouraged not to have sex or self-pleasure yourself in your usual ways throughout the duration of the retreat. It is part of re-conditioning yourself and changing experiential understanding of sex, energy and pleasure.
More Information about the facilitators and program will follow soon.
For questions, concerns and suggestions, please contact Jura & Michael
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