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This 8-week mindfulness course has the power to transform your life – the way you respond and cope with stresses, the way you interact with your friends and family and perhaps most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.
Mindfulness is essentially a Buddhist meditation technique. It involves the practice of being aware of the present moment and not judging it, of waking up with compassion to yourself and what is going on in your life. There are a number of techniques – watching the breath, moving your awareness around the body, awareness of sounds, yoga – that require the practitioner to show up. To listen. To sit, compassionately, and accept everything they are experiencing.
There is a mental muscle that becomes strengthened when we do this and the resulting calm and presence can bleed into every area of life. It can be a life line of peaceful clarity within the frenetic pace of modern schedules. It can be the difference between having some space to consider your options and making poor life decisions. Instead of always running to catch up with the pressures of the world, practicing mindfulness can provide a centre of space and wisdom inside yourself from which everything flows out.
During each weekly session we will practice mindfulness meditation and movement, discuss how your week has progressed and introduce topics for reflection. Participants will be given guided meditations and encouraged to practice in their own time as well as a course pack for further reading.
Week one: Waking up to the ‘autopilot’. Truly becoming aware of how much of our lives we are not present for.
Week two: Perception. Understanding how everything we think and feel is coloured by our own lens of perception.
Week three: The joys of Mindful Movement.
Week four: Understanding our relationship with stress – noticing our coping patterns.
Week five: Understanding new, mindful ways of dealing with stress.
Week six: Relationships – bringing awareness to interactions.
Week seven: The importance of self care.
Week eight: How to stay mindful going forward into life.
‘The course has been a life changing experience and such an important tool for everyone. Sam is a great facilitator, encouraging everyone to think deeper and further into their thoughts. I have found it really beneficial. I have found the sessions so relaxing and the best time to focus my mind.’
‘The course takes you on a wonderful journey of self discovery and growth in self care and love. You have the time and space to evaluate where you are in life and how you cope with stress in particular. You are then better equipped with both insights into your stress triggers and the tools to deal with difficult situations as they arise.’
‘I found the course really helped me focus my attention on the present moment. I think the more home practice you do, the more you probably get out of it. Sam made the environment very safe to share thoughts and feelings as they arose.’
‘I really enjoyed the course. It was the right amount of content and information. Each week I looked forward to the meetings, it wasn’t rushed and I liked the way we had time to talk and reflect. Sam’s voice is very soothing and wonderful to listen to. The course gave me time to think and reflect on life, always leaving with positive thoughts. If life is running away with you, then this is the course for you’
Sessions will run from 6.30-8.30 every Tuesday from 5th September to 24th October at the Cobo Community Centre.
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