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I would like to invite you to attend our Theta Healing® Introductory Workshop, where you can discover first-hand how effective and life-changing this type of energy healing is. You’ll be shown how beliefs are created, how to recognise deeply held beliefs and how you can instantly reprogram them. We’ll also be changing the frequent limiting beliefs people often have around self-love, self-worth, attracting a soul mate and abundance.
Live Demonstrations
It’s a hands-on workshop with a live demonstration where you will learn how to locate your negative self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back. You’ll discover how meditation will help you get inner calm and stillness, which will make you feel inspired and empowered to find the right path for your life.
Group Healings
During the workshop we’ll also be doing some group healings. Group healings allows us to let go of any ‘collective consciousness’ that we all carry with us. The group healing will release any: traumas, anxiety, stress and worry about relationships and any lack abundance in our life.
Manifesting with Theta Healing®
Also I’ll guide you through the Theta Healing® Manifesting meditation. This is easy to do and can be done by anyone, even if you are new to meditation. And you’ll be given tools and techniques you can use immediately to help you in your life right now.
This Theta Healing® workshop is a chance to see how it can work for you to ask any questions you may have. You’ll also be able to observe instant changes in your beliefs and feelings. After the workshop you’ll become more aware of your life’s lessons, and you’ll see how working with Source Energy can help empower you, so you can move forward confidently in your life.
Because when our beliefs change, you change how you feel and you are able to create instant changes in all areas of your life. So you can start to manifest the life you truly deserve.
Here are just some of the things that you’ll discover at the Theta Healing® Workshop:
How to find your inner fears that are blocking you from achieving the desired abundant lifestyle you want.
How to quickly heal any childhood beliefs you may have, this really will change you and start the transformation on the road of creating the life you want to live.
How to banish the most common blocks that are stopping you from enjoying the life you want.
Discover how to get into the theta state of mind quickly and how it will give you clarity and purpose in your life.
How Theta Healing® makes you empowered and how it pushes you to go after all your innermost desires using the power of manifestation.
Discover how to attract the most compatible soul mate into your life, or improve your existing relationship
Discover how to harness your innate intuitive abilities, and learn about some of your natural intuitive centers
How to clear your present negativities you have towards money, relationships, career and your home life, you’ll see immediate positive changes within you.
How to be 100% certain a new belief has been installed. The simple home test that confirms this.
Secret words that will destroy your inner saboteur. Will make you feel incredibly powerful and create real inner power.
And much, MUCH more.
So who is Theta Healing® workshop for?
… If you want to clear any old beliefs that are holding you back in life.… If you’re striving and struggling in life and can’t understand why you’re not more successful.… If you’re a practitioner who wants to expand their knowledge in ways to help your clients.… It’s for you if you have resistance around being spiritual and charging money.… If you’re struggling to get clients for your healing practice.Then the Theta Healing® Discovery Day Workshop is for you.

97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 4DN, UK

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