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A​ friend sent me a link: H​EADSPACE​: ​MEDITATION MADE SIMPLE:​​ just 10 minutes. live a happier healthier life. I​ ​replied.You are replacing outer noise with inner noise​s​ spok​en in your​ ears. It is a short-term solution.The challenge​,​ use a mantra to empty ​the​ mind​ and make ​space for the​ body to breathe.The mantra focus attention on your breath. You become conscious. Its like going to a laundrette, cleaning your brain of thinking. Thinking is an addiction, rationalizing everything. Like trying to straighten a monkey's tail. Empty the mind and you discover a deepening silence. In this silence you become aware of yourself changing. Stick with the discipline even when its tough going. The reward is confidence, courage, strength and love. ..for yourself. This LOVE is not self-centred​ but an aspiration to face ​whatever is blocking you from living your life to the full. ​My friend​ replie​d​: I am not using this tool. I am still using what you taught me years ago:​"Be like​ a slow moving car and a fast turning wheel".​ A good description of Meditation.​Meditation is ​like a​ slow moving car. ​But​ ​a​ ​time​ ​arrives​​ and yo​u ​become aware of​ the changes in your life. ​You​ ​become​ more determined​ like a fast-changing wheel to clear out the habits, obsessions, thoughts that were holding ​you back.​​My friend​ replied, ​Y​ou don't need to convince me. I trusted you when we​ ​met and I still trust you with all my heart.You taught me ​so​ much not to use any "electronic" tool for Meditation.​The love that emerges in meditation is a power that attracts you to persevere, to KEEP GOING. It is powerful. In the old philosophy it is called god. 26 years ago, Meditation was a major discovery. A fire, a conviction that I could face my troubles, obsessions, addictions.I am sure that everyone has this inner love. The sessions "WHO AM I?" show you how to discover this power in you, to put into words what you are discovering in Meditation. I teach you the 4 tools and how to use them: Meditation, Journalling, Nature, and How to live your daily life. I launched Open Door/ Walk in Meditation last January. I made three mistakes: I did not foresee so many people would be interested.Secondly, I forgot to introduce them to a Meditation Group, so important for beginners. Thirdly, I forgot to present a description of the 4 Tools.Fourthly, at times I was too enthused, dogmatic, at times.I begin again. On Tuesday, August 29th, join me at The Library, Pearse St. 6 o'clock to 7.30, to Meditate together. Discover what it is like.Followed by questions (and answers, I hope} and a description of the overall programme to the end of the year. No entrance fee.Please let us know if you intend to come along. Space is limited.John Keane, 087 or call in - 1 Hanover Square, D 8I hope to arrange a WHO AM I ? Meeting in Galway and Cork. 
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