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Cuddle Bliss Event - The art of exchanging safe non-sexual touch while learning boundaries.
How will your life be when you have clear boundaries and feel confident about them?
How will your life be when your “NO” means NO, not maybe?
How will your life be when you stop being manipulated by others because you said maybe instead of NO?
What would it mean to own your YES and NO with ease, bliss, and joy? 
How will your life be when you embrace the “art of redirection” instead of “rejection”? 
How will you feel when other people honor your guilt-free “NO”?
Beyond all the power of learning and establishing boundaries, The Cuddle Bliss Event is a sacred and safe space for connection with other like minded people to explore safe non-sexual touch and communicate boundaries.
During fun and joyful practices we will get to learn the 11 Cuddle Party rules created by Reid Mihalko and shared by Monique Darling in her book Beyond Cuddle Party, plus other tools to create healthier, stronger, and safer boundaries. 
Besides the bliss of exchanging non-sexual touch and connecting with others, this event will help you to align with your blissful “Yes” and your joyful “No” and stop creating confusion in your life by using “Maybe”.
When you are clear with your “Yes” and “No”, you learn to trust yourself even more and create a safe space for yourself, creating a delicious life.
Wear comfortable yoga clothes or PJs ~ no nudity allowed.   
Bring a yoga mat, pillow, and closed water bottle. 
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