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25 de may 14:00 - 30 de may 14:00

The Great Kundalini Yoga Festival is a five-day yoga retreat set in the heart of the beautiful ST ALBANS countryside that is packed full of music,  kundalini yoga, nature and healing. 
The main goal of the great British Kundalini Yoga Festival is to provide an environment where people can come together to experience and enjoy positive, healthy and supportive group energy through yogic practice and wisdom based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. 
The ticket prices are:
Full Retreat - 5 days inc. all workshops and 5 nights inc. all meals £375 
Day Ticket inc all workshops and meals £45*
Overnight accomodation in a shared room (families together)  £40 
5 years and under £5 per day, 6-16 years 50% discount.
*If you plan to arrive half way through one day and leave half way through another please only purchase one day ticket and one night ticket. Similarly for longer stays a day ticket and a night ticket are for a 24 hour stay. 
We have some seva exchange positions available. (please email for details)
If you are a teacher at the festival please email for bookings and payments
This year our festival truly builds upon the energy of what has been before. Our years together have provided us with a solid foundation and as we enter our 14th year celebrating the power and teachings of Kundalini yoga. 
This years festival theme will focus on the numerology of 2018, 2+0+1+8= making 2018 a 11 year 
2018 is a year for breaking the unwanted and karmic ties, the chains, and the bonds. And renewing your bond with the Infinite, the Eternal, the Unchanging. Bound to the One within your heart you will be free of everything else.  From that state you will discover how the unlikely path becomes the only path. 
Gurprasaad: 11 is an expression of the individualised soul having passed through the zero state and now living the mutual and parallel state of relation in mutuality. As if to say ‘Oh God, this light that i and others have called myself is in fact all yours.’ Gurprasaad means to discover the light that was always the case, and to discover it within our self. Like a hidden light that was always there in the dark. It was the Self that was illuminating the search for the self. The realisation of the unison between the micro self and the macro self which can be experienced through the realisation God and me, God, and me are one. 
Our intention for this festival is to provide a safe place for our community to be together and share the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini yoga.  
Each day typically begins at 5am, where we get together for a spiritual practice called sadhana that includes: a sacred prayer (japji sahib), yoga, chanting and song. The practice is offered within this special ambrosial time (Amrit vela) to salute the dawn of each day and align our energies to a spiritual vibration. 
Directly afterwards we share a healthy breakfast together in the food hall 
Our morning program is offered with a choice of workshops that are themed specifically to the energy of the day. 
We come together for lunch in the food hall, this here we are blessed to have  Herb-a-licious Foods a UK leading plant based catering company specialising in yoga and wellbeing retreats along with workshops and cookery classes! We are delighted to have Rachel Leigh-Janney from Herb-a-licious Foods leading the catering at GBKYF this year. Rachel and her team will be creating a nutritious menu for us.  
The afternoon program will offer slightly longer workshops that again are themed to energy of the day. 
At 6pm we meet for the all-camp meditation that will honor the theme of GOD AND ME, ME AND GOD, ARE ONE and gives us a chance to come together as a community 
DINNER SERVICE: will be from 6.30-8pm 
After dinner we will have an evening program, which will run all the way up till bedtime - approx. 22.30pm for lights out 
Evening Events Programme 
TUESDAY EVENING 29TH - YOGIS GOT TALENT – a showcase of the festivals superstars, young and old sharing their gifts followed by 
HEALING AREA: If you have a healing modality you would like to offer at the festival please contact us to arrange room rental. 
BAZZAR: If you have goods, products or something yummy to sell and would like to reserve a table for the festival bazaar please contact us.
A full teaching programme will be available to view on the website April 10th 
We are excited to announce Yogi Amandeep Singh, Kirpal Singh & Ishwara Kaur, Satwant Kaur will be joining us as well as many other national and international teachers  
This year we invite you to experience a nurturing space at the GBKYF inside the Heart Space Children’s Camp, where children and parent/carers can simply be themselves. Where we can leave our conditioning behind and open up to more love, acceptance and growth through sharing the space together, through games, music, arts and laughter.Within this container adults would be encouraged to connect to their inner child , full of innocence, initiative and curiosity. Where any child would be accepted and supported just the way they are. A place, where we can strip right down to the centre of our love and gratitude. A community which will inspire and uplift every one of us to the highest potential.
Ages:0-4 years to be cared for by parent/carer within the children’s camp area5-12 years can be left in children’s camp with specifically chosen sevadars13-17 years to group up for teen camp with Hari Karam Singh.
This year we are happy to be able to open a space where as a conscious community we can celebrate our teenagers. We truly want to hear, see and understand the sense of reality we living in through the teenager's experiences. We want to learn from it and make necessary changes in order to create a better joint future. We invite each and every one of you to step up onto the platform of leadership of tomorrow.    Programme includes daily indoor and outdoor activities, sports and games, music, drama and many more.  Special field trip adventure is scheduled for Monday 28th of May.  Daily interviews with a guest-yogi in the teen camp. 
The festival is committed to sharing this experience with respect for all living beings including other people and their belongings, animals and plants on the festival site. In order that we all keep safe please note that fires including tea lights and incense are strictly forbidden. Please do not bring drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or pets to the festival. 
A year to fully and totally offer your self to your higher consciousness. A year to fully receive the offering, not just of life itself, but also the offering of the teachings that guides us through the Maya of time and space towards peace. 

Shenley La, St Albans AL2 1AF, United Kingdom

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