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The International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN) provides a mechanism to debate and inform the vital economic and policy steps necessary to address HIV and AIDS globally. With over 7,000 members (IAEN is one of the largest AIDS-related group on LinkedIn), IAEN aims to assist AIDS and health economists to share results of cutting-edge research on the economics of HIV across the countries and inform HIV responses.
The aim of this joint initiative from IAEN, UNAIDS, Avenir Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, in collaboration with other partners is to focus on “Sustainable AIDS Response Results in the Era of Shrinking Donor Funding,” including a range of topics related to HIV programs and economics, the broader interface with Health Financing and development frameworks.
The IAEN pre-conference is one of the only dedicated global events that convenes economists and health and AIDS response policy makers to focus on accelerating progress in countries towards sustainable financing of the HIV response. It provides a strategic platform where economists engage with a wide range of stakeholders on new economic evidence, encourages cross-country learning of novel research findings, and promotes optimal utilization of economic intelligence in shaping cost-effective responses to the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. Participants identify strategic emerging issues related to the economics of the HIV response and key policy issues that will require further research and novel approaches to ensure sustainable AIDS response results.
Since the first IAEN pre-conference introduced in Durban (2000), IAEN has conducted 9 pre-conferences, following with Barcelona (2002), Bangkok (2004), Toronto (2006), Mexico City (2008), Vienna (2010), Washington DC (2012), Melbourne (2014), and Durban (2016). These 9 pre-conferences have included a range of sponsors, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, CDC, UNAIDS, the World Bank, Swedish SIDA, Merck, Abbott Laboratories, Rush Foundation, etc.
The conferences have featured notable key speakers including Dr. Stefano Bertozzi (Dean at the UC Berkeley, School of Public Health); Julio Frenk (Dean at the Harvard School of Public Health) Mead Over (Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development); Charles Gilks (Head of the School of Public Health, University of Queensland); David Wilson (The World Bank). In 2016, reflecting the growing importance of the sustainability of the AIDS Response, the Conference attracted high-level representation, namely Michel Sidibe, UNAIDS Executive Director, the Ambassador Deborah Birx, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator & U.S. Special Representative, the Ministers of Health of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, the Global Fund, other partners.
Preliminary Programme and Participation
The conference will be held at a turning point of expanding needs and diminishing means of the AIDS. In mid-2017, for the first time 50% of estimated people living with HIV or 20.9 million people worldwide were accessing antiretroviral therapy. New HIV infections are not falling fast enough, while HIV investment trends are cause for concern. The pace of domestic investments has not fully compensated for the decline in international support, with overall HIV financing remaining stable at roughly US$19 billion for three consecutive years, and HIV and AIDS needs to be seen in the context of the changing health agenda. The countervailing pressure is that progress made will largely be dependent on rapidly expanded response and sustained results.
The agenda for the 10th IAEN will be determined, in part, by the abstracts received by the economic researchers (most of whom will be from developing countries) to the IAEN Call for Abstracts. Focus on efficiency will put emphasis on allocative and technical efficiencies across the prevention and treatment cascade, innovations in delivery methods and technology that optimize resource utilization, including economics of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), new technologies in the areas of male circumcision, HIV testing, and AIDS treatment.
Speakers and sessions will explore effective ways to share country experiences of new forms of funding for the HIV and AIDS response, effective options to address donor dependency and interface with health financing strategies. Participants will be encouraged to interrogate the benefits of HIV integration in the UHC as an essential part, but only part of the answer in terms of improving HIV program sustainability, HIV integration in health insurance, between sectors and other mechanisms.
The Conference will include a mix of plenary, round table, and parallel sessions with approximately 200 experts and policy makers on public, HIV, and health finance, from low and middle-income countries, representatives from partner organizations, including bi-and multi-lateral institutions, civil society organizations, think tanks, and academia.

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