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09 de nov 18:00 - 11 de nov 21:00

Adarsh Williams Yoga & Mobility Workshop 
Learn to move better, improve position and take your practice to the next level!
This weekend workshop presents fresh perspectives on movement and mobility systems. Adarsh has distilled the best practices of physical therapy, sports science and classical yoga for you to optimize practice performance, prevent injuries, and avoid pain and frustration down the road.
In short, it's about removing the complexity around movement and position, and help you to seamlessly integrate functional movement into your practice.
Adarsh's progressions will take you step by step from basic positions into realms of strength, mobility and skill otherwise impossible:
• L - Sit
• Plank
• Jump back/through
• Arm balance
• Hand stand
• M | WOD System (
• joint capsules (banded work)
• self myofascia release (ball work)
• splits
• thoracic bridge
• lotus
• move better
• feel stronger
• get flexible
• deep relaxation
• pranayama
• meditation
• yoga philosophy
Incorporating the best practices of physical therapy, sports science and classical yoga, you will:
• recover faster
• avoid injury
• rehab aches and pains
• step up your game
This experiential workshop combines movement, lecture and hands on modalities in an interactive environment that is both personal and practical.
• Prep and prime for movement practice
• Identify postural, movement inefficiencies
• Tissue recovery
• Deep Relaxation
• Apply Performance breathing to movement/sport
• DIY Training Plan
• Many more actionable takeaways that you can immediately implement into your practice and teaching.
Daily Schedule
Open class: 19:00 - 21:00
Morning Practice 09:00~12:00 
• Guided Pranayama (yoga breathing)
• Led Yoga Asana class (primary, intermediate postures)
• Guided Meditation
Afternoon Workshop 13:30~16:30
• Movement & Mobility
• Hands-on Adjustments
• Self treatment for musculoskeletal pain, injury
Morning Practice: 09:00 - 13:00 h:
• Guided Pranayama (yoga breathing)
• Guided Meditation
• Led Asana class & Self treatment for musculoskeletal pain, injury
Suitable For:
STUDENTS to move better, treat sore spots, and avoid injuries.
TEACHERS to incorporate functional movement in their teaching. 
COACHES to integrate functional yoga in their training.
CE Credit
12 hours of CEU credits for Yoga Alliance.
Workshop Completo: 140 €
Modulo Individual: 40 €
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